felted landscape with longhorn

This felted picture of a Longhorn within a landscape was my first attempt at felting a “realistic” subject. To create it, I started with an inspiration image, wet felted the major features of the background and added detail with needle felting.

Realism is not my forte…but I wanted to challenge myself to it nonetheless. To assist in achieving accuracy, I started with a drawn outline of the major lines from a photograph. (sky/tree line, tree/grass line, longhorn)

To achieve this, you can blow up a photograph to a poster size, or draw an outline and enlarge that image, or you can free hand it. **I would love to hear your feed back in the comments and feel free to post any questions!

I hope it is helpful and wish you great fun in felting your own picture or landscape!

Supplies used:
Living Felt Brand wool: PF-X Prefelt batt, and MC-1 Felting batts.
(I will do my best to name colors in the progress pics.)
Olive Oil Soap
Wet Felting Mesh
Hot Water
42 Triangle Felting Needle (95% of the time)
*Sometimes two 42 Triangle needles in the Clover Pen Tool
40 Triangle Felting Needle (fine)
36 Triangle Felting Needle for deeper lines only
*all supplies are available at Living Felt – Felting Supplies


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