Marie Spaulding

Bio: Founder and CEO of Living Felt, lover of life and grateful to be here enjoying this magical journey. I am married to an amazing man… Rodney Gene, JR and living a blessed life.

It has been a long while since I attempted a blog about my doings and thoughts, but here goes, and thanks for being here with me.

Living Felt keeps me quite busy with all manner of fibery things, and my life, both work and home are very integrated…so there will be plenty of fiber chat happening.

If you know me, or are beginning to, you will know not to expect much in the way of rants or slants but instead lots of love, celebration and explorations on this road we call life and living.

I am grateful to be here. Welcome to my neck of the woods 

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5 thoughts on “about

  1. In respect to the wings that you made – did I understand you correctly in that you did not need straps since you made that piece in the middle of the back. I need to make some for a Christmas show and I did not want the wings to have straps around the shoulders. Can you assist me in this endeavor?

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  2. Happy New Year!

    I was drawn to your website by your page where you compared fleece washing methods in 2015.

    Do you have any advice on which breeds of sheep or suppliers of fleece could provide the whitest possible fiber?

    I have a project in mind that needs a bright cobalt color. I have in hand fiber from several different fleeces (of *course* I have that laying around), and I have been experimenting with dye on these fleeces. I have been disappointed with the yellow hue added by the natural color of the wool. They turn out more turquois rather than a bright clear blue.

    In any case, thank you for your post about detergent options for scouring, it was most informative, and I have it bookmarked.

    Regards, MLH

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    1. Hello ML and thank you for your message. Regarding bright white fleeces, it is important to note that fleeces even of the same animal can vary greatly from year to year. I often purchase from the same ranchers each season and I personally process a lot of fleeces — getting bright whites is not guaranteed even if you got one last year. The best thing to do is see if the rancher will send you a sample that you can wash up. I am often amazed at how white even the grungiest fibers will wash up….and the opposite = fleeces that have been rinsed are stained. Are you only interested in starting with the raw fleece? We have two VERY Bright White fibers that are processed. Our CX-2 Winter White is coarse and processed into a batting. We also have Lily White Merino Top at 19.5 microns. Both are pristine clean and very white 100% wool. They come in 2oz increments so you could test them out for your needs. If you are interested in that, visit our site and use search terms: CX-2 and Lily http://feltingsupplies.livingfelt.com/

      I hope that helps!
      Happy New Year,


  3. HI Marie, I am Val Dingle from Australia and I came across your tutorial on wrist warmers on pinterest. I am new at using a computer also. enjoyed your tutorial very much. thank you. New at felting but going to have a go at a pair of warmers thanks to your video.


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