Free Nuno Felt Tutorial

Free Nuno Felt Tutorial

Nuno Felting Tutorial — Free!

This very detailed tutorial is step by step across a set of videos to demonstrate the process for nuno felting a simple, yet highly textured neck warmer.

More experienced felters may want to fast forward thru steps as everything is covered here! Watch the video and let us know what you think with your thumbs, with comments or post questions! Please share it if you feel inspired!

Also available is a step-by-step PDF for a different neck warmer, a matching shawl and another shawl (3 projects in one pdf).  That is here:



The PDF is 30+ pages, 150+ photos and two resolutions. Download the HiRes if you want to zoom in or want super sharp pics, the other one is much smaller if you need that.

Wishing You LOTS of Fun, Creative Time & Inspiration!

With Love!
Marie Spaulding
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Tutorial Felting a Picture Landscape & Longhorn Progress Pics by Marie Spaulding, Founder of Living Felt Felting Supplies

Felted Picture of Longhorn & Landscape

felted landscape with longhorn

This felted picture of a Longhorn within a landscape was my first attempt at felting a “realistic” subject. To create it, I started with an inspiration image, wet felted the major features of the background and added detail with needle felting.

Realism is not my forte…but I wanted to challenge myself to it nonetheless. To assist in achieving accuracy, I started with a drawn outline of the major lines from a photograph. (sky/tree line, tree/grass line, longhorn)

To achieve this, you can blow up a photograph to a poster size, or draw an outline and enlarge that image, or you can free hand it. **I would love to hear your feed back in the comments and feel free to post any questions!

I hope it is helpful and wish you great fun in felting your own picture or landscape!

Supplies used:
Living Felt Brand wool: PF-X Prefelt batt, and MC-1 Felting batts.
(I will do my best to name colors in the progress pics.)
Olive Oil Soap
Wet Felting Mesh
Hot Water
42 Triangle Felting Needle (95% of the time)
*Sometimes two 42 Triangle needles in the Clover Pen Tool
40 Triangle Felting Needle (fine)
36 Triangle Felting Needle for deeper lines only
*all supplies are available at Living Felt – Felting Supplies